When someone can captivate you with just a voice and a guitar they're doing something right”

Brian Rosenworcel of Guster

Rahn’s style is a touch folk, a touch pop, and full of originality. ”

Ear To The Ground Music

Darryl’s folk/americana/acoustic combination is hard not to love. With emotive storytelling and soaring harmonies, he is sure to impress even the most casual folk or singer-songwriter fan.”

Wendy Redden, The Revue

Rahn exemplifies a Josh Ritter type in both instrumentation and public representation--a dazzling persona. ”

— Sam Newman-Plotnick, Cornell Radio

Savannah, Rahn’s most recent release, is a tender and heartfelt ballad which neatly nestles itself in that elusive sweet spot between meaningful and marketable”

Oliver St. John, Cougar Microbes